Friday, July 8, 2011

My Calabrian Christmas!!!

Today I got a package from a person I have been following for a while.  He has the same passion for Charcuterie as I have and has paved the way in this country to discover one of southern Italy's best and most underrated foods.  N'duja....I know what you are thinking. What the Hell is N'duja, it is a smokey, fiery, porky, spreadable sausage that will blow the top of your head off, and it is on my top five of flavor profiles I think everyone needs to have on a weekly basis.  My buddy Michael Hudman from AndrewMichaels Italian Kitchen here in Memphis and I are going to tackle this beast soon and bring the light of Calabria to Memphis. I know I sound like a nut ball, but when I post the makings of this spreadable beast, and you make it at home you will want to send me your life savings.... Its that good.  Really you don't have to send me money.... Unless you really want to that is....  This is what Scott from Sausage Debauchery sent to me today.  You have to check out his store and his blog.  His blog is Ridonkulous.  Looking at his cure chamber is like me stepping thru the wardrobe into Narnia for me.  Not to say I love his meat, but his technique is amazing.... Damn that does not sound right. But He has inspired me.
Here is everything I got today.  Marinella Sweet Pepper Powder, Marinella Hot Pepper Powder from Calabria, Coluccio's brand sweet pepper paste from Calabria, Coluccio's brand hot pepper paste from Calabria, and some Adriatic Sea Salt from Puglia.  How can you expect to season the perfect Calabrian sausage without salt from that region.  Seriously folks, check out the website Sausage He ships quickly and the prices are great.  I look forward to being his best customer!! Thanks Scott!!!!

Check back soon for the Hudman/Winters Calabrian sausage extravaganza...NoHomo of course. Well maybe a little.

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  1. Have been trying to order from his website however every time I try to check out, his website gives an error for shipping to san diego.

    Thanks Steve