Sunday, October 23, 2011

Beer vs Wine dinner at AMIK

Recently at AMIK (Andrew Michaels Italian kitchen) we hosted a Beer vs Wine dinner.  It was five courses of amazing food, each paired with a wine and a beer.  The guests all voted on each course to which pairing they like the most.  I really wanted to take pictures of each course, and explain each one, but this did not go as planned.  This was the first opportunity for my new little company to make its debut.  I supplied the appetizers during the cocktail hour before the event.  It was very successful.  There was pretty much nothing left, and Burning River meats has some new fans.  Here is a couple pics of the menus.

Sorry for the Break.

I have been super busy as of late with my big boy job and with my little Charcuterie company so I have not been able to post anything.  I have a lot of things in the pipeline to get up here.  Plus I am starting a new blog. as well.  Thing have been going great.  I have been Staging in a friends kitchen and learning more about the commercial kitchen.  I had a great spread at a local charity event, had the opportunity to cook for John T. Edge   director of the Southern Foodways Alliance.  And have done much more.  I will get pics up soon, and some sell sheets up so you can order some of my sausages and assorted Charcuterie.  Thanks for checking back and I look forward to posting more soon!!  Just since I have been away, don't forget.  Source local, and Love Your Meat!!