Sunday, October 23, 2011

Beer vs Wine dinner at AMIK

Recently at AMIK (Andrew Michaels Italian kitchen) we hosted a Beer vs Wine dinner.  It was five courses of amazing food, each paired with a wine and a beer.  The guests all voted on each course to which pairing they like the most.  I really wanted to take pictures of each course, and explain each one, but this did not go as planned.  This was the first opportunity for my new little company to make its debut.  I supplied the appetizers during the cocktail hour before the event.  It was very successful.  There was pretty much nothing left, and Burning River meats has some new fans.  Here is a couple pics of the menus.

Here are all of the dishes we served.  If you look to the right you will see a little mention of Burning river meats!!  This meal was outrageous!!!!!!  Here was my set up.
Cured sausage Table.
Fresh Sausages.  Could not cook them fast enough.  My favorite is the Barase.  Very good.

Some pickled vegetables and home made mustard's.  The roasted caraway beer mustard was amazing with the Lamb sausage.
My little corner!!  Had so much fun, and people loved it.
This here is my passion.  From left to right. Soppresseta di Calabria, Peperone, Calabrian pepper Chorizo, and Guanciale.  Labor of love here.  This represents months of work, that was gone in less than half an hour.  We always have some guanciale on hand at AMIK, and the Burning river sausage has made its way on to the menu.  Check it out here !!  Thanks again to Andy and Mike for getting my passion flowing. 

At the last minute we decided to move the entire event outside.  Gutsy move with the weather calling for rain in the evening, but in traditional AMIK style we went for it and it all worked out!!!  Check out the back yard.

The glasses were awesome, not fun to clean and polish hundreds but looked great. Each had a bunch of grapes and some hops on them. 
Plating the Corzetti.  I have to say, the toasted pumpkin seeds on this dish are ridonkulous!!!
The finished Corzetti dish.
This has to be the best oyster dish of my life!!!  And yes that is chicken fried chicken skin as a garnish.  Freaking amazing!!!!
This happens to be the best cooked pig in the Caja China to this date.  Even the President of Pork, Mr. Mark Newman was blown away.  Every part of this pig was amazing, I happen to be an ass man so that Ham was calling me.
Check out how crisp the skin got.  Talk about some primo cracklins!!!

This little pig went down fast!!!!
Andy and Mike tearing down a beautiful Porcellino.  Coming soon to a Brookhaven near you!!!  Seriously great night, looking forward to more like it.  Remember, Source local and Love your Meat!!!

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