Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pancetta Arrotolata, hits the cure chamber Today!!

Hopefully you all remember my recent post, The Day of the Belly.  If you have not seen it, there is something wrong with you, click on the link and catch up!!  So after much anticipation, and belly rubbing (not mine pervs, the pancetta. Taking the belly out of the fridge every other day, redistributing the cure mixture, and flipping the belly, this is called overhauling) The Pancetta is ready to get rolled and hit the chamber.  There are two main kinds of Pancetta, Tessa, and Arrotolata.  Tessa is flat and looks like regular bacon that is not smoked.  Arrotolata is rolled very tightly, tied and dried for about two to three months.  I pulled the belly out and rinsed it well to get most of the cure mixture off.

You can see that some of the cure mixture is still stuck to the belly.  Nothing to worry about here, you really want to get the salty mixture off so it will not be over bearing with salt.

This is one beautiful piece of piggy delight.  Trust me it smells amazing, all of the herbs really come to the forefront.  I then crushed some Tellicherry peppercorns and coated the inside of the belly.  This is where it gets tricky.  You have to roll this very, very tightly.  There can not be any air pockets inside the arrotolata, this can lead to bad mold and spoilage.  After the now Pancetta is rolled and tied very tightly, it is time to rub the outside with some cracked pepper, making sure we do not forget the ends.

Notice my butcher twine inside of a small sauce pot.  This stops the twine from going all over the kitchen when you are tying the pancetta.  This then went into the cure chamber to hang out with its new friends.

The Guanciale that is hanging is looking, feeling, and smelling amazing.  I can not wait to make a carbonara with that Calabrian spicy Guanciale.  The Lardo for AMIK, has lost about 5% and is firming up nicely.  With all of this meat and fat hanging, the humidity has been a little bit harder to control.  At first I was having a hard time keeping the humidity up now it is climbing quickly.  I put a small fan facing the outside hole of the fridge, at the hole where the power plug goes out, and it is cycling the air much better.  Staying at 55F to 56F, and right around 68RH to 72RH.  Looking good.

I have some new things I am hoping to try between this week and next week.  Hot dogs, I need to make some Trotter Gear, and while I am at it I am going to knock out Augusts Charcutepalooza and make a Pig Trotter, and hock, Terrine.  With spicy apple mostardo, house made whole grain mustard, and cranberry compote.  Should be great.  Check back soon, and remember.  "Source Local, and Love your Meat"!!!

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  1. I just got hungry reading about all those meats! Sounds great