Monday, August 8, 2011

Bacon Powder!!

That's right folks you read the title correct, I made bacon powder.  I am not just a one trick pony, I am into all areas of the culinary world.  Charcuterie just happens to me more of a passion.  So when I heard there was a restaurant making Pomme Frites(fancy word for French Fries) with bacon powder.  I had to try this.  And this is not a fake, synthetic, bacon "flavor" like you get in the sci fi creations of bacon salt and baconnaise.  If you are a fan of those products you can make this and be the pride of the Trailer park.

The first step was to render down some bacon to get the amount of fat needed.  If you wanted to render down bacon, why not go all in and do it with some Mangalista bacon, from Moosefund.  The most unctuous and fatty bacon on the planet.

 And when I say Fatty Bacon, I mean that in the nicest, sexiest, way possible.  Remember fat=flavor and happy bellies.(maybe a little bigger than normal bellies, but that is a different post)
After the fat was rendered from the bacon.  I strained it thru cheesecloth twice to remove any impurities and little brown bits.  The goal is to keep the powder as white as possible.  I then measured out how much I would need.  I knew these beakers would come in handy.

Above you will see the Tapioca Maltodexterin and the rendered bacon fat. Mmmmm. Recipe below
  • 4fl oz/ 118ml Bacon fat, cooled
  • 3Cups/ 50g Tapioca Maltodextrin
  • 1tsp/ 6grams salt
  • 1Tbs/ 7grams dextrose
Put about half of the Maltodextrin and all of the salt and dextrose into the food processor.  Pulse while slowly adding the bacon fat, this will start to form a paste.  After all of the fat has been incorporated, add the remaining Maltodextrin and pulse until your powder forms.  For a fluffier powder, push thru a tamis.  I like the small powdery chunks, it is easier to dress, and more of an explosion of flavor.

I added the dextrose, and salt for two reasons.  First, I wanted to amp up the porkieness a little, and second the mouth feel.  When I made this before with just the fat and the Tapioca Maltodextrin, it was good but not great.  Now with the addition of these two ingredients it is more like eating bacon.  The first thing you taste is the sweetness of the dextrose, then the creaminess of the bacon, and a finish with the salt.  I put this on some popcorn with a little smoked paprika.(Amazing)

Pic did not come out to great, but was delicious.  Using this recipe as a master you can make some other very interesting products.  Like, Olive oil powder, Chocolate powder, butter powder.  This will turn pretty much any fat into a powder.  You can get your Tapioca Maltodextrin here.  This is something you have to try!!  I look forward to trying some new things with other forms of Molecular Gastronomy.  Remember, "Source Local, and Love your Meat"!!

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  1. I know this was posted a while ago, but does the powder have to be refridgerated? Thanks